Tips For Finding The Right Engagement Or Wedding Ring For Your Partner

18 July 2022
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Is it finally time to pop the big question? Maybe the question's already been asked and it's time to pick out your wedding rings with your partner. Whether it's buying an engagement ring or a ring for the big day, these are situations where you want everything to be perfect. Here's how to make sure you can make a decision you'll be happy with now and years into the future when you look at your rings.

Research a Local Jeweler Known for Engagement and Wedding Rings

Not all jewelers are alike. When picking out an engagement or wedding ring, do your research and try and find a wedding ring store or a jeweler that specializes in this specific type of jewelry. This may allow you to browse a larger collection of pre-crafted rings or it may allow you to get a customized order that's exactly what you and your partner want.

Pay Attention to Your Partner's Style Choices When It Comes to Jewelry

In some cases, maybe your partner knows you are going to propose or is going wedding ring shopping with you and there won't be any tough decisions to make when it comes to style. But if you are getting an engagement ring and your future partner has no idea about what you have planned, you'll need to do your best on your own to find a ring that fits their personal style. Does your partner prefer yellow gold or white gold? Are they generally flashy and like to flaunt their jewelry or do they prefer a more conservative look? Talk to your wedding ring store expert about your partner's style and they may be able to steer you in the right direction.

Come Up With a Budget and Stick to It

It's easy to spend more than you thought you would when you let your heart make the decisions when ring shopping. Combat this by coming up with a set budget and doing a bit of research before you even walk into the shop. Keep in mind that besides the diamond itself, you'll also need a setting and there may be additional fees for a custom design.

Order Your Engagement or Wedding Ring in Advance of the Proposal or Wedding to Make Sure You Can Get What You Want

If you do intend to order a custom ring, make sure you give yourself enough time. Top-notch rings take time to craft if you want them to be perfect. Start talking to wedding ring store professionals six months in advance of your proposal or wedding day if you want to make sure you have enough time to get the perfect ring.

Visit a wedding ring shop to start looking for your rings.