Choosing The Perfect Wedding Ring

27 March 2021
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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring 

Getting married is a momentous occasion, one that you will remember your whole life. All the little details and traditions that go into getting married can make your day special, and picking out the wedding ring might be the most important of those little traditions. There are a lot of options for wedding rings. You can choose a ring that fits your personal style and taste. Here is a brief breakdown of the basic choices you need to make about your ring. 

Choose a Band 

The band is the foundation of the ring. Bands can be simple or elaborate. They can serve to mount the more showy gemstone, or they can even stand alone. Whatever style of band you may choose, you will need to decide what it is made of. The three most popular materials for ring bands are gold, silver, and platinum. 

  • Gold- Gold is typically a warm yellow color. It is a soft metal and is usually mixed with another metal to create a tougher alloy. Gold bands also come in different colors, like white gold and rose gold, both gold alloys. 

  • Silver- Silver is a cool grey color and is harder than gold and, most often, cheaper. 

  • Platinum- Platinum looks similar to silver but is more sleek and shiny. Platinum is tougher and more resistant to damage than silver or gold, but it can be pricey. 

Choose a Gemstone 

A gemstone is usually the focal point of a wedding ring. Though diamonds have become the most popular choice for wedding rings, there are plenty of other options. Here are some gemstone choices that are sure to stand out.  

  • Opal- A stone with a rainbow of soft colors. 

  • Amethyst- A gem with a purple hue that ranges from pale lilac to deep violet. 

  • Sapphire- A royal blue gem. 

  • Emerald- A gemstone that is usually deep green. 

  • Ruby- A gem that is a rich red. 

  • Labradorite- A stone similar to, but darker than, an opal. 

  • Turquoise- An opaque pale-blue stone with unique black fissures. 

  • Diamond- A classic choice with a clear sparkle. 

Choose a Cut 

Gemstones can be cut in many different styles. The type of stone you choose will influence how it is cut. Labradorite, opal, and turquoise are best in polished circles, diamonds, or squares so the surface can be shown off as much as possible. Diamonds, on the other hand, are cut to capture the light and sparkle. Your local wedding ring store can help you pick the right cut for your stone.