Do You Want To Purchase A Unique Engagement Ring For Your Girlfriend?

28 May 2020
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While traditional rings are certainly beautiful, maybe the girl of your dreams would be happiest with a very unique engagement ring on her finger. Have you already purchased one that you know she'll love? Maybe you are looking for help on which engagement ring to select. Read on for some ideas that might inspire you.

White Diamonds

Even if the only stones in the engagement ring are diamonds, you can still select one that will be both classic and unique.  For instance, a round center diamond with a starburst halo in 14K white gold would be one good choice.

Maybe you are not planning to buy a separate wedding ring for your fiancé. If that's true, think of buying a garland eternity ring set in a design that looks like leaves encircling the entire band. Another idea for a single ring would be to select a very delicate setting that consists of tiny diamonds in a leaf design that goes only across the top of the ring.

If your girlfriend loves contemporary jewelry, a rough diamond meteorite ring in a wavy white gold design would probably delight her.

Diamonds And Other Stones

Maybe you know that your sweetheart will be thrilled upon receiving an engagement ring that has both diamonds and other gems in the setting.

A pear-shaped turquoise with a halo of small diamonds set in platinum would definitely be a unique engagement ring. Keeping with engagement rings that include turquoise stones and diamonds together, consider a twisted design that consists of both types of stones and a square-cut diamond crowning the ring.

Your girlfriend's birthstone set in the middle of diamonds in 14K yellow gold would be beautiful and original. 

Another idea is to select an engagement ring that has a pink pearl as the focal point and small diamonds on each side of the pearl. Rose gold for the setting would be beautiful with the light pink pearl.

Maybe you have been inspired to design your girlfriends' engagement ring yourself. If so, think of going to a custom engagement rings store. Present your idea to the jeweler to see if the ring can be made. After the jeweler sees your design, they might show you rings in stock that are very similar to the one you designed. Or, maybe an adjustment will need to be made for the ring to look like the one you designed. For instance, if you find a setting that has a diamond instead of the pearl in your design, that would probably be something that would be easy to change.

For more information, contact an engagement rings store in your area.