Looking For A Unique Wedding Band Option For A Man? Consider These Available Options

18 November 2019
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If you have a man in your life that doesn't ever wear jewelry, and you want a wedding band that is less than traditional, there are different options you can look at. Your future husband doesn't have to wear a gold or silver band, and there are rings composed of other materials that he may be interested in. You want to look online and at local shops to find a few different wedding band options for your fiance.

Wood Bands

You can get wooden wedding bands. If the man is earthy and likes natural products, or if you want to get something engraved that they can wear, a wood band may be a great option. This can't be really be adjusted after it's been carved, so you will have to know the exact size. Look at different wood and stain options, and consider etching a message into the band.

Silicon Options

Silicon bands are very popular and comfortable to wear. These are great for people that work in areas where metals and stones would get damaged. The silicon options can come in almost any color, and they stretch. It's easy to wash your hands, you aren't going to scrape people, and the band is comfortable. There are a lot of different styles for silicon as well, if you want a beveled edge.


Tungsten is a great metal for a wedding band because you can get matte choices and other different designs. You can do tungsten on the outside and wood on the inside or even a marble or stone option on the inside.

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic is a great band material option for someone that is an environmentalist or someone who is very enthusiastic about recycling. The color choices available will vary based on the materials that are available from where you are purchasing the ring from. Some of these can be molded into unique shapes and imprinted with designs.

There are a lot of different wedding band choices that you can look into for the guy that doesn't like rings or doesn't wear traditional jewelry. Have them try on different bands so you know what size they are before you custom-order anything and before you spend any money on a band. Look at the type of job they have, and look at the clothes that they wear — this may help you find the best ring material for them.

For more information, contact a supplier of unique men's wedding bands.