Getting The Most Out Of Your Jewelry At A Pawn Shop

5 February 2016
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You have a lot of old jewelry you want to get rid of, but you're worried you won't get a fair price. Never fear! Follow these simple procedures and you'll be able to get a more than fair price for your jewelry. In fact, you might be able to get more than it is worth.

Clean It Up

Carefully cleaning your jewelry will not only make it look better, but will also make it look newer. Often, you'll see clean jewelry earning dozens, if not hundreds, of dollars more simply because it is presented well. Take a few minutes to check your jewelry and clean them using the following methods:

  • Diamonds – scrub with a small brush coated in window cleaning
  • Pearls – wipe down with a damp cloth and keep away from hard items
  • Sterling silver – follow the same procedure you use when cleaning diamonds
  • Gold – rinse in warm water and soap without detergent, scrubbing with a soft cloth
  • Platinum – soak in jewelry cleaner and scrub with toothbrush
  • Tungsten carbide – warm warm, soap, and a soft cloth

Make sure you hand dry each piece of jewelry you intend on selling and wrap them in individual white cloths. This ensures they don't get scratched or dirty before you head to the pawn shop.

Make A Jewelry "Set"

Selling individual pieces of jewelry may net you more cash if you're willing to haggle for each piece. However, pawn shop owners are often partial to jewelry "sets," such as matching earrings and necklaces. Why? It gives buyers the ability to create an instant accessory match without having to shop high-and-low.

So take any matching jewelry you have and make sure to package it together. One of the best ways to package it is on red velvet in a small wooden container with a glass front. Pin each piece of jewelry down to create an eye-catching set. Often, the owner will add money for the presentation box.

Decide On Your Need

Once you have prepared you jewelry you need to make an important decision: do you want a loan or do you want to sell it? A loan is useful if you need quick money and want to get your jewelry back. However, you're going to have a limited amount of time to reclaim your items (usually 60 days) and you won't get as much money as you would if you sold. Generally, you'll get up to 20% more when selling.

Follow this simple guide and you'll be selling jewelry like a pro. Just don't be afraid to haggle a little with the pawn shop owner: haggling is pretty much anticipated and is often the most fun part of the process.