3 Questions To Help You Select The Perfect Mala Bracelet

26 July 2015
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If you are looking for beautiful jewelry that also has a spiritual significance, mala beads may be for you. One popular jewelry item constructed from the beads is the mala bracelet. As with other types of jewelry, mala bracelets are available in many different styles and colors. Here are a few questions to help you select the perfect mala bracelet for you:

Where did mala jewelry originate?

Several religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, use mala beads in prayer and meditation. However, the first mala beads were used in Hinduism. One hundred and eight names are normally assigned to a Hindu god, and some Hindu people recite the names of their deities repetitiously in prayer. As a result, large pieces of mala jewelry usually contain 108 beads. In addition, the number of beads in other mala pieces is typically still a multiple of nine. Mala beads help you keep a mental count of the number of times a name or mantra is recited during meditation.  

Why are there gemstones in mala bracelets?

The gemstones in mala bracelets are believed to provide targeted healing, so you can select a gemstone based on the desire that you would like to manifest. For instance, if you desire to ease depression and increase vitality, you may choose a mala bracelet that includes red coral. If love is what you seek, select rose quartz. For people who would like to feel more grounded, smokey quartz is a good option.

What is your personal style?

Mala bracelets can complement an outfit beautifully. Thus, since all of the manifestations associated with the bracelet's beads and stones are positive, you may choose to select a bracelet with gemstones that fit your personal style. If you are laid back and casual, you may choose to forgo gemstones altogether. You can pick a bracelet that only contains rudraksha seeds, which are brown seeds believed to have medicinal properties that promote balance and harmony in your body and mind. If you like to dress up, a bracelet made almost entirely of beautiful gemstones may be more suitable. 

There are many ways to choose your mala bracelet. However, the best way may be to choose the bracelet that seems to "speak" to you. The first mala bracelet to catch your eye is generally the one you are meant to have. For a wide selection of mala bracelets, visit a jeweler who specializes in mala beads today.