Three Tips To Keep Your Jewelry Safe Against Common Risks

3 November 2016
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Caring for your jewelry is an essential task for getting the most from the investment you made in these accessories. Unfortunately, it can be a common mistake for jewelry owners make fairly simple oversights that can expose these items to a higher risk of suffering serious damages. In order to help you prevent these issues, you will want to be mindful of the following few jewelry care tips.

Have Scratches Promptly Repaired

Over the course of time, it is likely that your metal jewelry items will develop some minor scratches. Sadly, some individuals will make the critical oversight of assuming that this is not a serious threat to the jewelry. However, there are some types of metal that will be more likely to corrode if they are scratched. Furthermore, these scratches can degrade the aesthetics of the jewelry.

Fortunately, it is possible for a jeweler to discreetly repair these scratches. This is done through the use of a special metal filler that can be applied to the scratch. This filler comes in an assortment of colors and shades, which will allow the jeweler to perfectly match the patch to the rest of the item.

Invest In A Proper Jewelry Box

A jewelry box can seem like a large and expensive item to have. However, it is essential for minimizing the risk of your jewelry suffering damages. For example, a jewelry box will have compartments that will prevent the pieces of jewelry from scratching against each other. Also, these boxes often have special slots that can hold humidity control packets. By keeping these packets in the jewelry box, you can greatly reduce the risk of the jewelry developing corrosion while it is stored. Together, these benefits make the cost and space required for a jewelry box more than worth it.

Ensure Your Jewelry Items Are Properly Insured

Regardless of the care that you take, it is possible for your jewelry to be destroyed or stolen. While you may assume that these items will be covered under your homeowner's insurance policy, you might be surprised to learn that many policies have relatively low limits for jewelry items. As a result, you may want to invest in an addendum to your policy that will protect you against this type of loss. Additionally, you should take photographs of the various pieces of jewelry that you own so that you can quickly provide proof of ownership to the insurance if you ever need to file a claim.