Three Tips To Keep Your Jewelry Safe Against Common Risks

Caring for your jewelry is an essential task for getting the most from the investment you made in these accessories. Unfortunately, it can be a common mistake for jewelry owners make fairly simple oversights that can expose these items to a higher risk of suffering serious damages. In order to help you prevent these issues, you will want to be mindful of the following few jewelry care tips.

Have Scratches Promptly Repaired

Over the course of time, it is likely that your metal jewelry items will develop some minor scratches. Sadly, some individuals will make the critical oversight of assuming that this is not a serious threat to the jewelry. However, there are some types of metal that will be more likely to corrode if they are scratched. Furthermore, these scratches can degrade the aesthetics of the jewelry.

Fortunately, it is possible for a jeweler to discreetly repair these scratches. This is done through the use of a special metal filler that can be applied to the scratch. This filler comes in an assortment of colors and shades, which will allow the jeweler to perfectly match the patch to the rest of the item.

Invest In A Proper Jewelry Box

A jewelry box can seem like a large and expensive item to have. However, it is essential for minimizing the risk of your jewelry suffering damages. For example, a jewelry box will have compartments that will prevent the pieces of jewelry from scratching against each other. Also, these boxes often have special slots that can hold humidity control packets. By keeping these packets in the jewelry box, you can greatly reduce the risk of the jewelry developing corrosion while it is stored. Together, these benefits make the cost and space required for a jewelry box more than worth it.

Ensure Your Jewelry Items Are Properly Insured

Regardless of the care that you take, it is possible for your jewelry to be destroyed or stolen. While you may assume that these items will be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy, you might be surprised to learn that many policies have relatively low limits for jewelry items. As a result, you may want to invest in an addendum to your policy that will protect you against this type of loss. Additionally, you should take photographs of the various pieces of jewelry that you own so that you can quickly provide proof of ownership to the insurance if you ever need to file a claim.

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Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level by proposing marriage? If you have no clue as to what kind of engagement ring to purchase, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Having a plan in place before shopping for the ring will make the process a lot smoother. Below, you will find helpful information that will help you decide on the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

Know How Much Money You Can Afford to Spend

It is wise to know in advance what you can afford to spend on an engagement ring. Don’t end up in a position where you purchase a ring that is out of your budget, as it can put you in a financial bind and interferes with wedding planning. Engagement rings are available in numerous price rings, so you should be able to find one no matter what your budget is. Keep in mind that you can also purchase a ring on credit, but it depends on where you shop.

Put Some Thought into the Type of Stones

Although diamonds are one of the common stones chosen for engagement rings, you can opt for stones with more character. For instance, you can choose a ring that has the birthstones of you and your partner. Opting for stones other than diamonds is also a great way to save money if you are shopping on a tight budget. Cubic zirconia stones are as beautiful as diamonds, only without the large price tag. You can also find cubic zirconia stones in a variety of colors.

Figure Out Which Metal Type Your Partner Prefers

Although gold is ideal for an engagement ring, it is not the preference of everyone. Ask people who know about your partner’s metal taste if he or she prefers the look of gold or silver. If silver is the preference but you would like to purchase gold, you can opt for white gold. The white gold will have a higher value than silver, which might be impressive to your partner.

Get the Ring Personalized for Sentimental Value

After you have found the perfect ring for your partner, you can take things a step further by opting for personalization to be done.  For instance, you can get something special inscribed inside of the ring, such as the date of when you first met him or her. Visit a jewelry store, like Elite Jewelry and Loan, to find the most ideal engagement ring for your partner.  

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Tight Finances? Five Ways To Find Extra Money Laying Around Your Home

If you need to get your hands on some quick money for household bills or an unanticipated financial crisis, you may find what you need simply laying around your home. Take a good look at your belongings to determine if there are any items that could be used to get out of your conundrum, and that could fetch a pretty-penny when you resell these things.

Five ways that could lead to quick money when you need it most are:

  1. Assess your jewelry. Take any jewelry that you come across to a reputable jeweler or broker to determine the worth before selling. There are some online sites that offer evaluations, and some may potentially offer to buy your items. Make sure that you know what you have before agreeing to a sale in order to obtain the most favorable results from the transaction. Contact a company like Fortuna Auction to learn more. 
  2. Auction something online. Check out the many online auction platforms that provide sellers with a broad audience for unwanted belongings. Be sure to assess the fees and charges first, to ensure you will be earning what you need to get over your financial obstacle. There are some sites that sellers can use to get rid of anything, from clothes to cars, with little effort or work.
  3. Host a tag-sale. Make the effort to throw a yard sale this summer; this can be a great way to pick up some money while cleaning out the house. Talk with neighbors about joining in and getting rid of their unwanted things, too. Plus, the added vendors can draw more attention and increase traffic to your sale.
  4. Sell something on consignment. Though it may take a little time, offer up some items to a nearby consignment store or online site to get a good price for your unwanted clothing, shoes, bags, or jewelry. There may be some platforms that deal specifically with tools or equipment, also.
  5. Give to charity. If you are facing the prospect of owing money for taxes or end-of-the-year expenses, consider making a donation to charity right now. Many consumers may find that they are eligible for a substantial tax credit simply by giving unwanted possessions to a worthy organization. Make sure to get a receipt at the time of drop-off to document the donation for tax purposes.

A financial hurdle is the perfect time to look around and clean-out things that could get you out of your jam. Make sure to have third-party evaluations of valuable items, such as jewelry, before relinquishing these items to pawn brokers or buyers. Simply giving-up a few belongings could provide the money you need to get back on track!

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Eight Trends In Costume Jewelry

It’s a rare woman who doesn’t love jewelry. After all,women have been adorning themselves with earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces since the days of Cleopatra and before. However, finding the money for diamonds, rubies, sapphires and such can be a challenge. That’s why costume jewelry is so popular. This type of jewelry is attractive without carrying a price tag that will break the family budget.

Hot trends in costume jewelry

If you’re looking to add a few pieces of new jewelry to your collection this season, you’ll want to pay attention to what’s hot this year.

1. Vintage-look jewelry. What’s old is new again this season. Delicate 1930s-style earrings and necklaces as well as chunky 1940s Art Deco pieces are making a comeback.

2. Black, black, black. Anything black, from stones to black cords are just the right, elegant accompaniment for that LBD or a chic casual look.

3. Crystals. Crystals sparkle like gemstones without the heavy price tag. Plus, they are available in a myriad of colors, so there’s something to match any outfit.

4. Statement necklaces. So-called statement necklaces are those large pieces that draw the eye and create drama for your look. Plus, since you won’t want to compete with your jewelry when you wear a statement necklace, you can get away with dressing more simply (and affordably.)

5. Bold colors. Vibrant colors are still “in” this season. Earrings and more in bright reds, oranges, fushias and pinks are sure to liven up most any ensemble.

6. Shell jewelry. Bringing the seashore inside is another fashion trend this season. Jewelry pieces created out of various sizes of shells offer a fresh, natural look. You’ll find them au naturel or painted in bold blues and greens that mimic the sea.

7. Broaches. Broaches, those ornate pins that your grandmother used to wear, are trendy again. One good reason is that they can add a feminine touch of whimsy to a conservative business suit without being too outrageous. Broaches can also be good conversation starters, especially pieces with a vintage look.

8. Boho chic. The Bohemian look continues to be popular. This look, which originated in southern Germany, is a layered, casual, almost gyspy-esque look. For jewelry, that means dangling earrings and layers of bangles and necklaces.

Costume jewelry can perk up your look without breaking your budget. Look trendy this season by choosing vintage-look pieces, black jewelry, jewelry made of crystals and large, statement necklaces. 

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3 Tips To Consider When Choosing A Jeweler For Your Jewelry Repair

If you have expensive jewelry that needs repairs, you will want to choose the right jeweler for the job. This way, you can be confident when dropping off your expensive pieces and you are less likely to run into problems with the process. Here are three tips to consider when choosing a jeweler for jewelry repairs:

Ask if They Do Onsite Repairs: 

Jewelers will do one of two things when it comes to repairing jewelry. Some will do onsite repairs while others will outsource the repairs. It’s best to choose a jeweler who does onsite repairs since this means that your jewelry will not be shipped out to another source. The problem with outsourced repairs is that there is sometimes a miscommunication about how you want the jewelry repaired. On top of this, there is a high chance that the shipping process can be delayed, which means you will be waiting longer to get your jewelry back. 

Check Receipt Papers: 

Upon dropping your jewelry off, you want to be sure that you and the jeweler are communicating effectively. Be sure that you check the receipt papers, which should indicate exactly how the repairs are being done in the way in which you discussed. The papers should also clearly communicate what was discussed as far as time of pick up and price for the repairs. Also, be sure that the jeweler has provided a price based off the books and not just off the top of their head, which could indicate that they are overcharging.

Ask for Pictures of How Repairs Will be Done: 

Many experienced jewelers will have pictures of how certain repairs need to be done. For example, if you need a ring resized, your jeweler should have pictures that show how this common repair is done. Sometimes, you may have an uncommon repair that your jeweler may not have pictures of previous work for that same repair, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. This is going to further show the jeweler’s skills and ensure that you leave at ease knowing the jeweler understands what needs to be done.

When you consider these three things while choosing a jeweler, you can be sure that you end up choosing someone who is educated in jewelry repair and able to provide fast turnaround. In the end, you will be satisfied and won’t have to be stressed that your expensive jewelry is out of your hands for a while. 

For jewelry repair, contact a company such as Lozano’s Jewelry.

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Jewelry At A Pawn Shop

You have a lot of old jewelry you want to get rid of, but you’re worried you won’t get a fair price. Never fear! Follow these simple procedures and you’ll be able to get a more than fair price for your jewelry. In fact, you might be able to get more than it is worth.

Clean It Up

Carefully cleaning your jewelry will not only make it look better, but will also make it look newer. Often, you’ll see clean jewelry earning dozens, if not hundreds, of dollars more simply because it is presented well. Take a few minutes to check your jewelry and clean them using the following methods:

  • Diamonds – scrub with a small brush coated in window cleaning
  • Pearls – wipe down with a damp cloth and keep away from hard items
  • Sterling silver – follow the same procedure you use when cleaning diamonds
  • Gold – rinse in warm water and soap without detergent, scrubbing with a soft cloth
  • Platinum – soak in jewelry cleaner and scrub with toothbrush
  • Tungsten carbide – warm warm, soap, and a soft cloth

Make sure you hand dry each piece of jewelry you intend on selling and wrap them in individual white cloths. This ensures they don’t get scratched or dirty before you head to the pawn shop.

Make A Jewelry “Set”

Selling individual pieces of jewelry may net you more cash if you’re willing to haggle for each piece. However, pawn shop owners are often partial to jewelry “sets,” such as matching earrings and necklaces. Why? It gives buyers the ability to create an instant accessory match without having to shop high-and-low.

So take any matching jewelry you have and make sure to package it together. One of the best ways to package it is on red velvet in a small wooden container with a glass front. Pin each piece of jewelry down to create an eye-catching set. Often, the owner will add money for the presentation box.

Decide On Your Need

Once you have prepared you jewelry you need to make an important decision: do you want a loan or do you want to sell it? A loan is useful if you need quick money and want to get your jewelry back. However, you’re going to have a limited amount of time to reclaim your items (usually 60 days) and you won’t get as much money as you would if you sold. Generally, you’ll get up to 20% more when selling.

Follow this simple guide and you’ll be selling jewelry like a pro. Just don’t be afraid to haggle a little with the pawn shop owner: haggling is pretty much anticipated and is often the most fun part of the process.

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3 Tips For Getting The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Fiancé

Picking out an engagement ring is a big task because you want to make sure that it is absolutely perfect for your future wife. Since every woman is different, it is important that the ring is individualized to her. This article will discuss 3 different tips that will help you to pick out the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé. 

Let Her Be Part Of Picking It Out

For some women, they will want to be involved in the entire process. If your girlfriend is someone who is particular about her jewelry, then it is in your best interest to bring her along with you when picking out her ring. She doesn’t necessarily need to pick the ring out herself, but she can tell you what styles of rings that she likes, and she can try on several different rings that she likes, so you can get a good idea of what her specific style is. This will also make it much easier for you to find a ring that is the perfect size for her. Lastly, this can take some of the added stress off of you because you will know that you are getting a ring that she will love. 

Design It Yourself 

If you have an eye for jewelry and would rather take the reigns and pick the ring out on your own, then go for it. You can choose between a gold, rose gold, silver, or other precious metal for the wedding band, and you can pick out the cut, color, and style of diamond as well. Also, you can add fun personal touches, such as creating a twisted metal band with diamonds, creating a halo of small diamonds for the main diamond, or whatever else you can dream up. It will take a bit more time to have this ring created, though, so be sure that you plan ahead so that you can still propose to her when you had planned. 

Shop Around For A Good Price

You can obviously get an engagement rings from a local store in your area, but you can also look online to see if you can find the same style of ring for a better price. This is in no way you trying to get your fiancé a ‘cheap’ ring, but is instead allowing you to get her the best ring that you can for the best price that you can. However, keep in mind that ordering a ring online may take it longer to arrive, so plan accordingly

For more information and help on shopping for rings, contact a store like Rinehart Brothers Jewelers or another location.

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Looking For Valuable Jewelry At An Estate Sale? 3 Questions To Ask Yourself First

If you love finding unique, interesting jewelry pieces, you might head to that local estate sale instead of the mall. After all, in addition to finding nifty pieces with a history, that vintage necklace or ring might be an actual diamond in the rough. However, before you splurge, it is important to be able to recognize high-value items. Here are three questions you should ask yourself before investing in estate jewelry:

1: “Does it have any maker’s marks?”

If you can handle the jewelry, analyze the piece carefully to look for maker’s marks. These marks are typically stamped or etched into the metal components of the piece. In addition to stating what the piece is made from, maker’s marks can also indicate the manufacturer of the piece and the country of origin. For example, you might be able to see a brand name, the grade of gold, and where the piece was made.

As you evaluate maker’s marks, look for common mistakes that might raise a red flag. For example, if the writing contains spelling errors, it might be counterfeit. Also, look at the alignment and placement of the mark. Most high-end jewelers pay close attention to marking the pieces in inconspicuous ways, and they tend to center the text carefully.

2: “Have you seen pieces like that before?”

When it comes to jewelry, the rarer, the better. Collectors and investors tend to pay more for pieces that they haven’t seen before, which might mean that simple gold hoop earrings or a plain pearl necklace won’t fetch a fantastic return. As you evaluate different pieces, ask yourself whether or not you have seen items like the one you are holding before. Also, pay attention to the subject matter. If the item seems custom made or contains an interesting theme, it might be worth more to a collector.  

3: “How is the workmanship?”

Before you take that interesting, genuine necklace up to the register, take a little time to evaluate the overall workmanship. Look at the quality of the fasteners and the prongs around the jewels. If the item seems sturdy, it may have been made with care. On the other hand, items with missing prongs, loose connections, or simple fasteners might be the hallmark of a cheap item purchased from a store twenty years ago.

By knowing what to look for in vintage jewelry, you might be able to invest your money wisely and enjoy pieces that will stand the test of time.

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The Bold And The Beautiful — Tips For Bringing Jewelry On Vacation

If you’re planning a vacation, it’s usually hard to decide what to take with you and what to leave behind. With space limited and concerns about theft or loss, you can’t take everything — such as all your jewelry. But at the same time, you want to look good for those photos too. 

Here’s how you can choose wisely in packing your jewelry and be happy on vacation while also staying worry-free. 

What to Leave Behind

The most important rule of traveling with jewelry is not to bring anything you can’t live without. Even if you’re traveling to a relatively safe (or very safe) location and worry little about theft, things still get lost while moving around. Don’t risk your best jewelry, your large wedding ring, or family heirlooms. Leave them behind and travel without having to worry.

If you’re going to be attending a special event (like a wedding or anniversary) on vacation, you may need to bring an important piece of jewelry for the occasion. In this case, be sure you carry it with you on any planes and make use of the hotel safe rather than wear it unnecessarily.  

What to Bring 

You’ll want to pack pieces that coordinate with several different outfits you’re already packing. This may take some preparation by considering your clothing plans well before you leave, but it will help tremendously to give you some good-looking jewelry options that you’ll be happy to have. Look for inexpensive but attractive pieces of jewelry that mix and match with different outfits — things like gold and silver chain necklaces, a string of pearls, multi-colored bracelets, and small hoop earrings. Consider swapping out your wedding ring for just a plain band or even a special (but inexpensive) travel ring that can take its place during the trip. 

While it’s best to pack neutral jewelry, you should also bring a couple of fun or trendy statement pieces. If you are wearing the same clothes for an extended time, you will be happy to have something to dress them up with for a night out, a special dinner or some memorable photos. 

How to Pack It

Pack your jewelry in your carry-on bags inside a travel organizer or jewelry roll if you have one. If not, you can make jewelry organizers yourself using a few household items. Here are a few ways:

  • Straws. Slip necklaces into straws and close the clasps around the straw. You can snip off the end of the straw to fit the necklaces (and bracelets) to keep them tangle-free. For larger necklaces, try cardboard toilet paper rolls instead.
  • Index cards. Poke holes in index cards, then place earrings through the holes. A little bit of tape can keep the earrings in place and organized. Wrap the whole thing with a cloth for protection.
  • Pill boxes. Daily pill boxes make excellent organizers for earrings and small necklaces. They can be a little bit larger than other organizers, but they will keep things clean and separated. 
  • Plastic bags. Small plastic bags can be great ways to pack your jewelry. You can find different sizes of bags that range from tiny sealable plastic bags often found in craft stores to snack-size baggies and sandwich bags for large pieces of jewelry. 

Traveling with jewelry should be a way to add enjoyment to your vacation, not a way to make it more stressful. By selecting jewelry that coordinates with your clothing, leaving behind pieces you would worry about and organizing your packing well, you can make sure your next vacation is both beautiful and enjoyable. Talk to a jewelry store for more tips.

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3 Ways To Help Confirm The Authenticity Of A Diamond

Diamond jewelry is not only beautiful; it is valuable. It is best to purchase fine jewelry with diamonds from a reputable jewelry store. However, if you have recently purchased a piece of jewelry from a different source, such as a private owner, you may be concerned about the authenticity of the stones in the jewelry. Nevertheless, diamonds are unique, and there are small tests that you can conduct to confirm whether or not the diamonds in your jewelry are real. Here are a few: 

Check the stamp.

Most diamonds are not set in plated metal. Look for an impression in the setting that indicates that the metal used in your jewelry is platinum or gold.

Gold pieces may be stamped with 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K or 24K. Twenty-four karat gold is considered pure gold. Other karat ratings denote the percentage of gold in the metal. For instance, 10K gold contains 10 parts gold and 14 parts other metal. Likewise, 18K gold contains 18 parts gold and six parts other metal. 

Platinum settings will often be marked PT or Plat to denote that the metal is at least 95 percent pure platinum. However, if there is a number, such as 850 or 900, the percentage of platinum in the piece is lower. For instance, 850 indicates 85 percent platinum and 15 percent other metal.

Just breathe.

To test your stone, hold it in front of your mouth and breathe to cause fog to appear on the stone’s surface. If the fog dissipates in an instance, your stone may be a real diamond. Diamonds quickly disperse heat, so it is difficult for them to remain fogged. However, a stone that is not a real diamond may display fog for at least a couple of seconds. 

When performing the breath test, it is best to have a real diamond on hand to compare with the questionable stone. It will be easier to judge whether or not the condensation on the stone evaporates as quickly as it should from an authentic diamond. 


Shine a light on your stone and look at it closely. If the reflections in your stone display a rainbow pattern, your gem is probably not an authentic diamond. The reflections of a real diamond are usually gray.

You can perform multiple tests on your fine jewelry at home to help determine whether or not a diamond is real. However, it is best to have your jewelry assessed by a jeweler. To confirm the authenticity of your jewelry, schedule an appointment with a jeweler (such as one from Mollie B Distinctively Different Fine Jewelry) today. 

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